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The matrix profile.

The Matrix Command Line inspired profile template!

Introducing the Matrix Command Line inspired profile template!

This simple yet stylish template is perfect for anyone who wants to showcase their personal information in a unique and eye-catching way. With its green font and black background, it resembles the iconic command line interface from the Matrix movie franchise.

Easily customizable, this template allows you to add your own personal information such as social media links, project links, past jobs, education, hobbies, and more by following the provided simple documentation. you can also choose to add or remove your profile picture to add some mystery however what you can do with this template is unlimited, making it a truly personalized experience.

This template is perfect for anyone who want to stand out from the crowd and showcase their skills and personality in a memorable way. So why settle for a boring old profile when you can have a Matrix-inspired one? Get yours today and start showcasing your digital presence like never before!

You can see the demo here:

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Some thoughts behind the template Philosophy

The Matrix Command Line inspired profile template reflects the themes of cyberpunk and the dystopian future that we are heading towards. The Matrix is a classic example of the cyberpunk genre, and the command line interface is a common visual representation of the hacker culture that is often associated with cyberpunk.

Philosophically, the Matrix Command Line inspired profile template highlights the importance of technology and its impact on our lives. It also represents the idea of being able to take control of our digital identities and the systems that govern them. In a world where our personal information is increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks and data breaches, having a Matrix-style command line interface can evoke a sense of power and control over our online presence.

Furthermore, the Matrix Command Line inspired profile template challenges the conventional design standards that dominate the digital space. By departing from the typical minimalistic templates, it suggests that we should embrace our individuality and creativity in our digital expressions. It also encourages us to explore new visual aesthetics that reflect our unique personalities and the philosophies that guide us.